The various elements from the "Coach to Everywhere" are depicted above in the form of a chart that enables us to examine how they interact to create a real experience in our lives. Use the colors to relate this chart back to the previous "Coach" lesson. The various steps of this process are described below.


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  Prerequisite: It is recommended that you first review the "Coach to Everywhere" lesson.

- A conception of something in its perfection.

An ideal is an idea that has been taken to its highest, or most transcendent, level. Therefore, everything begins on the Spiritual Plane as a Divine Ideal. These ideals are unchangeable principles such as Love, Beauty, Peace, Joy, Freedom. There is never the slightest suggestion of form or appearance at this level of being, only the abstract qualities of God. These ideals are often referred to as Principles of Truth. It could be said that God is the "good that we can all agree on," since we can all agree that it would be good for there to be more Love, Peace, Beauty and Joy in the world.

- A direct perception of truth, independent of reason.
Through the power of our intuition, we are able to contact the "divinity that is within us." Although intuition is perceived in the head, it emanates from the heart. Therefore, it produces a felt sense of knowingness associated with some thought or idea that you hold within our mind. This kind of an experience is often called faith, which is the direct intuition of Spirit. It is the "substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen." It is most important to recognize that our intuition always emanates from a divine source that is within us all.

- A conception existing within the mind.
As a result of our intuition, we formulate an idea, or concept, within our mind at the mental level. It is at this level that we begin to individualize, or give form to, Universal Ideals. In other words, we personalize that which is Universal. It is said that "everything begins with an idea." This is because an idea is the prelude to the pictures and feelings that develop within our imagination. It is the seed of our inspiration and ultimate experience in the world. An idea is the "mental equivalent" of the objects, conditions and circumstances that we create in our lives.

- The action of forming mental images or concepts.
Imagination is the activity of our minds by which we create mental pictures. As we hold these images within our mind, they become cloaked with feelings. They develop a felt sense of reality as though they were an actual experience. In fact, our mind cannot distinguish between a real and an imagined experience. Therefore, our imagination responds to whatever idea we put into it as a seed. Consequently, life-positive ideas produce expansive and joyful feelings that enrich our lives. Life-negative ideas produce contractive and fearful feelings that upset and disturb us.

- A divine influence exerted upon the mind or soul.
Inspiration results from the imagination stimulating the mind and emotions into a high level of activity. Inspiration is closely related to the emotional experience of desire. However, the subtle difference is that "we desire to possess ...and we are inspired to express." Based on its original Latin root "spirare," inspiration literally means to "breathe in Spirit." Although inspiration is felt in our emotional nature, its origin is in Spirit.

- A consciously willed act or activity.
In response to our inspiration, we become filled with initiative and are moved to take some form of action. Because our actions will be in alignment with our feelings, they will seem to be effortless. Often we will do things to bring our ideas into expression without even realizing it. An example might be to attend a social event and unexpectedly meet someone who can assist us in achieving some goal that we may have set for ourselves. Keep in mind the old Biblical passage which tells us that "Faith without works is dead."

- Something personally lived through or encountered.
The physical outcome of the Creative Process will always be some form of experience in the world. Through our senses we will perceive objects, conditions and circumstances that reflect the intentions of our original idea. Experience is the motive force behind the return stage of the process. This is because our perceptions will now begin to extend back into the realms of our thoughts and feelings, leading us to the accumulation of knowledge, skills and wisdom.

- An action in response to some influence or event
One of the basic laws of the Universe is that "for every action there will always be an equal and opposite reaction." Having created a physical experience in the world, we will now begin to respond, or react, to our creation through a variety of internal experiences. Life-positive actions will produce positive reactions, and life-negative actions will produce negative reactions. "As you sow, so shall you reap."

- An emotional perception or attitude.
The first and most immediate response to our experiences in the world will always be an awareness of our emotional state, which is a feeling. When we have created some desirable experience, we will be emotionally uplifted and feel joyful. This is very important because human beings are highly sensitive feeling creatures. Ultimately, we must realize that the only reason we ever want anything is to make us feel a certain way; and the way we always want to feel is healthy, happy, prosperous and free.

- The act or process of knowing.
Cognition is the mental process or faculty by which we extract knowledge from experience. As the result of having had a physical and emotional experience in the world, we can now learn something about its nature. All of our beliefs about life are based on the knowledge that we have extracted from our past experiences. Obviously, the quality of our past experiences has much to do with our present attitudes toward life. Unfortunately, we are often deceived by appearances and frequently extract false information from our experiences.

- The state of knowing; clear mental apprehension.
As a result of our experience, we will now gain specific knowledge about the world. It might only be some information that will serve us in the future. Additionally, it could be some skill that will allow us to function more effectively. The greatest knowledge will always relate to self-discovery and the development of personal qualities such as patience, compassion or self confidence. Often, our most challenging and difficult experiences will produce our greatest knowledge and understanding.

- Perception of something as existing, true, or valid.
Recognition is simply an awareness that something which we now perceive has been experienced before. This is the process by which we look deeply into our experiences in order to discover their true cause or source. When we perceive the life-positive qualities within an experience, we can then remember back to, or recognize, when they were first received from Spirit through the intuition that led to the conception of our original idea. The experience of recognition is actually a spiritual realization, or "re-intuition" of Spiritual Truth.

- The state of discerning what is right or True.
Wisdom is simply a deep understanding of what is universally true and eternal. Whereas information is perceived in the head and constitutes "shared knowledge," wisdom is the understanding of the heart and is actually "Self-Knowledge." There is a deeply felt knowingness associated with wisdom that will always guide us into right action. When our life experiences have been fully and rightly understood, wisdom is the result, and it alone will transform us. Wisdom is the "alpha and omega" of the Creative Process and will always serve as the "womb of newness" in our lives.

Universal Heart

The “Universal Heart” represents the "Word of God" that stands at the very center of the creative process of Life. "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God." It also represents the "I Am" principle that is the “Alpha and Omega” of the creative process. "I am the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end, the first and the last." In other words, the "Universal Heart" represents the initiation and the fulfillment of the creative process of Life, and this universal center is within us all.

- The act of drawing in as a participant.
Spirit expresses itself into form through the mechanism of our attention, which is the activity of mental concentration. Through this process, we personally mold the Universal Mind of God into the form of our own ideas in order to produce experiences in the world. The Principle involved in this process is that "whatever we give our attention to we become." It is through our attention that we involve ourselves with the activities of the physical realm. In order to evolve, we must first be willing to get involved.

- Gradual growth or development of something.
Spirit expresses Itself into form in order to contemplate Its own nature. Awareness is the mental mechanism through which Spirit performs this contemplation. Because of our awareness, we are able to think about our experiences and thereby extract knowledge and wisdom from them. It is through this gradual process of expanding awareness that evolution takes place within our consciousness, and we are constantly being changed and ultimately transformed into increasingly enlightened beings.

Mental Blocks
The Creative Process operating through us would be a swift, simple and very pleasant experience if it were not for the various obstructions that It encounters. At the mental level of our being, we encounter a wide variety of mental blocks such as doubts, delusions, distortions, judgments, opinions, prejudices, and a wide variety of false beliefs about life. These obstructions were born out of the "ignorance of our past experiences." They are dark spots in our consciousness which have not been fully examined and understood to produce Wisdom.

Emotional Conflicts
As a result of our mental blocks, we constantly produce a variety of undesired emotional conflicts and reactions such as anger, fear, sorrow, resentment and guilt. These emotional disturbances come from two sources: The first is our reaction to the events of the world. The second is our reaction to the activity of an uncontrolled imagination which broods over past events and worries about the future. Whenever there is emotional conflict, it is always an argument between the logic of the head and the wisdom of the heart.

Spiritual Plane
The Spiritual Plane is that aspect of our being where we have an "awareness of oneness" with life, which is the experience of Love. In the "Coach to Everywhere" example, the Spiritual Plane is represented by the Master who is directing the operation of the Coach.

Mental Plane
The Mental Plane is that aspect of our being where we have an awareness of the thoughts and ideas that are active within our minds. In the "Coach to Everywhere" example, the Mental Plane is represented by the Driver of the Coach.

Emotional Plane
The Emotional Plane is that aspect of our being where we have an awareness of the emotions and feelings that are active within our flesh. In the "Coach to Everywhere" example, the Emotional Plane is represented by the Horse that is pulling the Coach.

Physical Plane
The Physical Plane is that aspect of our being where we have an awareness through our senses of the objects, conditions and circumstances of the world in which we live. In the "Coach to Everywhere" example, the Physical Plane is represented by the Coach.

The Fulfillment of the Process is You


The purpose of the Creative Process within an individual is to produce an enlightened being who is both wise and loving. This process performs a "mystical marriage" between our inner Spirit and our outer human personality. The Creative Process does not involve adding anything to ourselves. It requires only the releasing of the obstructions to our fullest creative potential. This site provides the tools necessary to engage in this clearing process, so that we can become individualized centers of expression for Creative Spirit, which is the "divinity within us all."

Can you recall an experience in your own life, even an unpleasant one, that has served to make you wiser and more loving? Can you determine the mental blocks that had to be released? Can you now see how the experience was actually the Creative Spirit within you, seeking a greater expression through you?

A Real Life Example
  Following is an example of how the Creative Process of Life might operate through an individual in a real life situation in order to "bring heaven to earth."

  Through the process of intuition, the ideal of Beauty might be conceptualized as the idea of a rose. Here the universal principle of Beauty is personalized in a particular form that is meaningful to us as individuals.
  As the idea of a rose is held within our imagination, it will begin to develop and expand until we feel the inspiration to plant a rose garden.
  In response to our Inspiration, we take action and actually plant a rose garden. This activity produces an experience for us in the physical world.
  As the rose garden grows, it produces an object in the form of a rose that resembles the idea that was originally conceived through our intuition of the ideal of Beauty.
  When we finally see the rose , we have an emotional reaction to its Beauty that produces a feeling within us. In this case, it might be a feeling of joy or gratitud
  As the result of planting a rose garden, we are able to cognize, or extract some useful knowledge from the experience. This is especially true if we have never planted a rose garden before.
  If we are willing to look even more deeply into the knowledge that we have gained, we will see that it contains a universal understanding, or Wisdom. In this particular case, it may be a deeper understanding of the principle of "sowing and reaping."
  It is through this deeper inquiry that we recognize that the creative process of life is the mechanism through which Divine Ideals come into form and expression through us. This is the ultimate Wisdom.

Frequently Asked Questions
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SpEcTruM oF LiFe
  The various icons and illustrations on this page have been colored in a way that is metaphysically significant. Following is a brief summary of the meaning of each color:
White is the sum of all colors. It contains all colors, yet is other than all colors. It represents the “wholeness of God.”
Violet [Pink+Blue] represents the principle of “unity,” or the coming together of heaven (blue) and earth (pink).
Blue represents the ”spiritual” or heavenly aspect of our being. This realm is sometimes referred to as the “supernatural.”
Green [Blue+Yellow] denotes the higher human wisdom faculties. It represents the activity of “intuition.”
Yellow represents the higher human mental faculties. It is the realm of the conceptual mind or “intellect.
Orange [Yellow+Pink] denotes the realm of “emotions.” This is the area where our mind and body interact.
Pink represents “embodiment” in the physical “realm of the senses.” This includes our personal “flesh body” as well as the “body of our affairs.”
Gray represents the condition of light being partially obstructed and/or obscured. It signifies the “hidden or subconscious” aspect of our being.
Black is the absence of all color. The darkness defines the light and gives it meaning. Also, the darkness holds all of the goodness that has yet to “come to light” in our lives. It represents the “mystery of God.

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