The vehicle that we use to make our journey along the evolutionary path to 'Spiritual Enlightenment' could be called the 'Coach to Everywhere'. As shown above, each element of this graphic metaphor corresponds to an aspect of our own being that is explained in greater detail below.

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Master : Spirit

The Master of the Coach is the “Creative Spirit” within us all. The purpose of our evolutionary spiritual journey is for this aspect of our own being to awaken and become aware of its own nature and role in the creative process of life, thereby putting Itself in charge of all of the components of the Coach. It should be noted that the guidance of our Master within is communicated to the Driver with the “still small voice” of intuition, which is often drowned out by the noise of the driver yelling at the clopping horse which is pulling the rattling Coach.

Driver : Mind
The Driver of the Coach represents our mind, which is the aspect of our being that can think, ponder, plan and perform feats of logic. However, in the absence of direction from the Spirit, the mind doesn't really know where it is going. It only knows that it wants to get there fast and have some fun along the way. Therefore, it either whips the Horse (emotions) into a frenzy, or gets distracted by the scenery and loses its way. The biggest mistake the mind always makes is to think that it is its own master. Note that the Driver directs the Horse with the reigns of imagination which are a more substantial form of communication than the “still small voice” of intuition.

Horse : Emotions

The Horse represents our emotions, which are the motive force behind our whole being. The word emotion literally means “energy in motion,” and what we call a feeling is simply an awareness of how that energy is moving. When it is moving in a life positive fashion we feel good. When it is blocked or moving in a destructive pattern we feel bad. The secret to using the Horse correctly is to guide, or direct it without holding it back or suppressing its energy. Note that the harness makes a very direct and solid connection between the Horse and the Coach. In like fashion, our actions in the world are closely linked to our emotions.

Coach : Body
The Coach represents our physical flesh body which serves as our “vehicle of expression.” It is through our bodies that we express and experience the manifestation of the indwelling Spirit. In order for our bodies to endure, they must be properly used and maintained. If the Horse is always out of control and the Driver is constantly heading off the path across rough terrain, the “wear and tear” will soon take its toll and damage or destroy the Coach.

Passengers : Errors

The Passengers represent the “false beliefs” about life that we have picked up along the way on our spiritual journey. They are the “errors of the flesh” that have been created out of a misunderstanding of our experiences in the world. Even though we may have consciously suppressed these errors, they still remain with us and behave like “backseat drivers” in our Coach. The favorite trick of the Passengers is to confuse the Driver by contradicting the directions of the Master.

Pedestrians : Temptations

The Pedestrians represent the “temptations of life” that we meet along the way on our spiritual journey. The great irony is that they are simply an outer expression of our “inner errors.” In other words, whenever we suppress our Passengers in an attempt to be good, they pop up outside of us as persons and circumstances that tempt us to be bad. Their favorite trick is to tempt us to not love them. Of course, our natural tendency is to want to suppress the Pedestrians. However, this will only strengthen them, and will also serve to strengthen the Passengers as well. The only sure way to dispel them is by blessing them away. This is why Jesus taught us to “love our enemies.

Signs : Guidance

The Signs we receive along the way provide “divine guidance” to assist us on our journey. These spiritual signs come in many different forms, such as teachers, books, intuitions and coincidences. However, the most reliable source of spiritual guidance comes to us through the written “Word of God,” as given in the sacred scriptures which have withstood the test of time. The favorite trick of the Pedestrians and Passengers is to come into our lives as “false prophets.” By testing their suggestions against the “Word of God,” we can protect ourselves from spiritual deception.


in•tu•i•tion - A direct perception of truth, independent of reason.
Through the power of our intuition, we are able to contact the “divinity that is within us.” Although intuition is perceived in the head, it emanates from the heart. This kind of an experience is often called faith, which is the direct intuition of Spirit. It is the “substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” It is most important to recognize that our intuition always emanates from a divine source that is within us all.

Universal Heart

The “Universal Heart” represents the omnipresent center of God that is within us, acting through us and expressing Itself all around us as Life. It also represents the “Alpha and Omega” principle. In other words, the initiation and the fulfillment of the creative process of Life. Notice that the heart symbol has two elements, one white and one black. These colors represent the wholeness and the mystery of God, and everything in between.
(See Spectrum of Life)

Path to Everywhere

The Path to Everywhere is the long, sometimes difficult and uniquely glorious route that each of us has taken to come into the highest realization of the “divinity that is within us.” As our Creative Spirit begins to awaken within our Coach, we start to take conscious control over our journey. As we gradually learn to “let off” our Passengers along the way, our journey becomes increasingly peaceful and filled with joy. Ultimately, we find our way home to Graceland, where we come into an “awareness of oneness” with all of Life.

iSpEcTruM oF LiFe
  The various icons and illustrations on this page have been colored in a way that is metaphysically significant. Following is a brief summary of the meaning of each color:
White is the sum of all colors. It contains all colors, yet is other than all colors. It represents the “wholeness of God.”
Violet [Pink+Blue] represents the principle of “unity,” or the coming together of heaven (blue) and earth (pink).
Blue represents the ”spiritual” or heavenly aspect of our being. This realm is sometimes referred to as the “supernatural.”
Green [Blue+Yellow] denotes the higher human wisdom faculties. It represents the activity of “intuition.”
Yellow represents the higher human mental faculties. It is the realm of the conceptual mind or “intellect.
Orange [Yellow+Pink] denotes the realm of “emotions.” This is the area where our mind and body interact.
Pink represents “embodiment” in the physical “realm of the senses.” This includes our personal “flesh body” as well as the “body of our affairs.”
Gray represents the condition of light being partially obstructed and/or obscured. It signifies the “hidden or subconscious” aspect of our being.
Black is the absence of all color. The darkness defines the light and gives it meaning. Also, the darkness holds all of the goodness that has yet to “come to light” in our lives. It represents the “mystery of God.

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