This tape may be freely copied, distributed or broadcast for non-commercial purposes. Individuals, institutions and organizations may obtain multiple copies for non-commercial distribution by special arrangement. Our intention is to have millions of souls be 'lifted up' by chanting this hymn . If you would like to participate in this project and support the continued gift distribution of this tape, your tax deductible contributions will gratefully be accepted. Please make your checks out to: “GodSong” and mail to the above address.  

About the Art
The Gift
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Purpose "The purpose of anything is its reason for being"
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The purpose of this chanting hymn is Love. It is envisioned that through the right use of this tape you will come into a greater awareness of Love as the guiding principle of your life.


Principle "Wisdom is the Principle thing" ...Proverbs
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Every spiritual tradition has taught the promise of unity with God through the principle of Love. The lyric of this chant is dedicated to that ideal. Through the repeated verbalization of the lyric, its truth will become the personal affirmation of your own being. This truth will bring you into a greater realization of your own Divine potential as a center of creative expression for the Holy Spirit.

"God is Love; and whoever dwells in Love dwells
in God, and God dwells in them." ...1 John 4:16


Practice "Practice makes perfect."
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  It is highly recommended that you chant along with this tape at least once a day. You will find that it supports and deepens such spiritual practices as prayer and meditation. If you currently have no regular form of spiritual devotion, it will provide the path to developing a practice that is right for you. In addition to a regular daily session, this tape can also be beneficially used in the following ways:
i First go to a place that you feel is “sacred.” Then chant the hymn several times in succession. This will create an association between the chant and the feeling of that place in your mind and body. Therefore, every time you perform the chant, it will evoke the sacred feelings of that place in you
i Use this tape whenever you are in a stressful situation. Any time you are experiencing a strong emotional reaction, such as anger, fear or sorrow chanting this tape will tend to draw you back into a state of peace and harmony.
i Use this tape to bring groups into harmony. Using this tape at the beginning of a class or meeting is an excellent way to insure a harmonious and productive experience.
i The reverse side of this tape contains an “instrumental” version of the chant. This will allow you substitute other qualities of God for Love. Recommendations are: Light, Life, Joy, Peace, Health and Wealth. For example, in a time of depression or sorrow you may wish to sing: “God's the Joy That I Am.”
i You can also sing this chant using a two syllable quality of God. Examples are: Wisdom, Freedom or Beauty. Simply modify the lyrics as follows:
“God's the Wisdom I am. (3 times) XXX... I am Wisdom now.”

About the Art "The essence of art is beauty."
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  Watercolor artist Terri Cutz created the cover art for the GodSong tape jacket. It is a beautiful painting of three “Sterling” roses, which are a lovely shade of violet. This color represents the spiritual principle of Unity, that expresses itself as the “coming together of heaven and earth.” The rose is an ancient universal symbol of love, and the three flowers symbolize the trinity of Body, Mind and Spirit.  

Performance "Practice produces peak performance."
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The Muscians:

The GodSong Choir:
  Marcia Miget - Keyboards, Flute, Recorder
• Steven Kindler - Violin, Mandolin
• Teja Bell - Guitar, Bass
Melissa Phillippe - Vocals
• Persia Matine
- Vocals
• Murray Orrick
- Vocals
Randy Phillipe
- Vocals

Production "Knowledge is the key to productivity."
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  Written by: Lloyd Strom
Arranged and Directed by: Marcia Miget
Recorded at: Samurai Studios,. Petaluma, CA
Recording Engineer: Teja Bell
Cover Art: Terri Cutz
Produced by: Miraflores Music
Executive Producer: NovaTech Ministries
Distributed by: Christ Church of Co-Creation

The Gift "The motive of giving is love."
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  The GodSong tape is being given to humanity as a gift, not as a present.There is a subtle, but distinct difference between a gift and a present. A “present” is when we give someone something that we think they might like. A “gift” is when we give someone something that we know that they want. This is why we only send tapes to those who take the time to request one in writing. These tapes are not a marketing tool or promotional gimmick. We do not keep a mailing list of who we send them to. We simply send them out to whoever requests them, and trust that they will be blessed by the gift that they have received.  

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  If you have had an uplifting experience with the GodSong chanting hymn that you would like to share with others, please contact us.  

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  If you have any innovative suggestions on how to use the GodSong chanting hymn that you would like to share with others, please contact us.  

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You can listen to all of this chant right now. You can listen to the entire presentation "on-line" by clicking on the icons below; Or you can download the entire chant in an MP3 format and play it "off-line" whenever you want. There is both a "choir version" singing "God's the Love That I Am," and an "instrumental version" to which you can sing your own lyrics, as described above.

< GodSong - Choir: 'Click' to play / 'Rt.-Click' to download (9 MB)
< GodSong - Instrumental: 'Click' to play / 'Rt.-Click' to download (9 MB)
< GodSong - Suz Ogden: 'Click' to play / 'Rt.-Click' to download (6 MB)
< GodSong (wisdom) - Suz Ogden: 'Click' to play / 'Rt.-Click' to download (4 MB)

Frequent Questions ? If you have a question, please c ontact us.
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  Can this tape be used for healing?
It has been said that “healing is the art of conforming our mind to God's will.” Love is the primary expression of God's will and the first principle of healing. Therefore, singing this chant will conform your mind to God's will and produce healing in your life in ways that you could never imagine on your own. Whenever you are in despair and in need of healing, try working intensely with this chanting tape until something positive happens in your life.

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