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Un-Hidden Agenda
Assessing Readiness
Accepting the Means

The Un-Hidden Agenda
The Promise From God: (Upon which we have based this retreat.)

"I have come into the world as the light, so that whoever
believes in me may not remain in the darkness."

...John 12:46

The Purpose:
(The Light of Understanding)
The Vision: Revealing the Light of Christ in my Life
The Intentions:
To develop a greater understanding of the evolution of my soul through the "Kingdoms of Consciousness."
To develop a deeper understanding of the mystery of "Jesus Christ."
To expand my ability to effectively apply the teachings of Truth given in the Holy Bible to my own life experience.
To develop a form of spiritual practice that will deepen my Faith.
To have a personal experience of "Christ Consciousness," which is the realization of the "divinity within me."

  Sacred Days of Bible Mystery is a five day spiritual retreat for Ministers, Practitioners and advanced students of "Christ based teachings" who are open to developing a deeper understanding of the Principles of Wisdom that are contained within the "Holy Bible." All subjects will be presented in the context of a modern understanding of the evolution of human consciousness. Additionally, an emphasis will be placed on applying this esoteric knowledge to the circumstances of our daily lives.
Activities will include:

• Meditation
• Prayer

• Instruction
• Discussion
• Interaction
• Healing
• Chanting
• Singing

• Ceremony
• Solitude

  Sacred Days will be held at the Alton Collins Retreat Center. This is a modern facility tucked into a lush forest setting in the Cascade woodlands at Eagle Creek, Oregon, about 35 miles southeast of Portland. | Take a Tour | Location Map |


Monday, March. 10th through Friday, March 14th, 2003.
Activities will commence late Monday afternoon and will conclude around midday on Friday..

  The cost is $1,000 which includes lodging (private room and bath), meals, and materials.

This retreat is limited to 20 participants on a "first come, first served" basis.
A $200 non-refundable deposit will be required to reserve a space.
  Make checks to:
Christ Church of Co-Creation
  Mail to:
PO Box 976 - Waldport OR 97394
  For additional information contact:
Rev. Marcia Sutton: 541/563-2901
PREREQUISITE: Unless otherwise approved, this retreat is open only to those who have attended the "Sacred Days of Creative Living" retreat. [ Check it out ]

Assessing Readiness to Attend
  Following are five statements relating to the purpose and intentions of the Sacred Days of Bible Mystery Retreat. Carefully read through each statement. Pay close attention to both the thoughts and feelings that arise in response to pondering each of them. Then place a check mark in front of the ones you are in agreement with.
I believe that there are Spiritual Truths governing all of life, and I would like to have a deeper understanding of the nature of these Truths.
I believe that living in accordance with Spiritual Truth will improve the quality of my life, and I would like to learn how to apply these Truths to my own life experiences.
I believe that the Bible contains illumined Wisdom for the evolution of humanity, and I want to develop the skills that will enable me to access that Wisdom for the evolution of my own soul.
I feel a strong affinity towards Jesus Christ. Yet, I intuitively feel there is more for me to know about him and his teachings than what I have learned through traditional religious doctrines.
I have read Spiritual Interpretation of Scripture by Joel Goldsmith, and I am deeply inspired by this work.

If you have checked off three or more of the statements above, then close your eyes, go within, and silently ask your "Higher Wisdom Self" if you are ready to attend this retreat. Also, ask for any additional wisdom that will guide you in making your assessment of readiness to attend. Check the appropriate box below.

Yes, I'm ready to attend.
No, I'm not ready to attend.
(Note: These checkboxes are for convenience only. They do not report information to this site.)

Accepting the Means to Attend
  We consistently pray for Christ to provide the necessary physical and financial means to all who are drawn to participate in this retreat. Consequently, if you have any concerns about your ability to attend, please pray to accept that which is being provided by the Consciousness of Christ. Following is a sample prayer that you can use as a guide in doing this:

My Prayer of Acceptance

There is only one Life. This Life is good; this Life is God; this Life is my Life now! I know that this Life is a source of Infinite Intelligence, acting in me, through me, and all around me. And even though I may not know how to provide the means to attend this Sacred Days of Bible Mystery Retreat, I know that this Intelligence knows exactly how to provide everything necessary for me to be in attendance. Therefore, I fully accept the physical and financial means that are so graciously provided by the Presence of the Christ in me. I now release any thought, belief, idea, attitude or suggestion that I might hold that does not support my attendance at this Retreat. As I accept this Good into my life, I give thanks with an open, gracious and joyous heart. Amen.

Testimonials from Attendees
  Following area number of unsolicited testimonials from individuals who have attended the “Sacred Days of Bible Mystery Retreat.”


(To be posted soon.)


(To be posted soon.)

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