Physics: Electromagnetic Radiation
Metaphysics: Spiritual Awareness: Illumination
...Websters Dictionary

"God is light." ...1John 1:5

All that we know about life is revealed to us by light. Not just the physical light that comes from the sun, but also the light of understanding that illuminates our souls.

Modern physics has revealed that the entire world, and the light that illumines the world, are actually the same substance, which is energy. This is the very essence of Albert Einstein's Theory of Relativity which tells us that: E=mc (Energy = mass x speed of light).

The mystics have also taught us that this is a spiritual universe, and that everything is spirit. Perhaps, we could just as easily say that Spirit=mc.

Modern transpersonal psychology teaches us that the world that we think we perceive around us is actually just an internal construct of our own creation, built upon the light of our own understanding, which is our belief system.

Ultimately, we could say that everything is light. If this is so, then it follows that the full spectrum of our lives must conform to the full spectrum of light.The teaching on this site is built around this understanding that the secrets of life are revealed by the full spectrum of light, which operates on many levels of our being.

The Cosmic Mandala, depicted above, displays the many facets of light, and the corresponding colors that they reveal. To explore this understanding more deeply, let us move on to the next illustration, entitled:

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