This page was created to provide a variety of pertinent information about the purpose, vision, intentions and content of the Sacred Days web site It also provides a point of contact with the people involved in its creation, maintenance and evolution.

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Our Un-Hidden Agenda
Our Promise From God: (Upon which we have created this site.)
“For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there Am I in the midst of them.”
…Matthew 18:20

Our Purpose:
(The Divinity Within Us)
Our Vision: Revealing the Presence of Christ in Our Lives
Our Intentions:
To awaken within all beings an impulse to live in "Christ Consciousness."
To create a greater understanding of Life by teaching the Principles of Universal Truth and Their Revelation through real Spiritual Practice.
To facilitate spiritual healing as a means of inspiring greater creative expression in the lives of millions of people throughout the world.
To serve as a center of distribution for spiritual materials and practices which are of the highest possible quality and effectiveness.
To facilitate the emergence of a personally realized "Universal Spirituality" that will ultimately serve all of Humanity.

Our Objectives
Following is a listing of a number of features that will ultimately be provided by this site:

Whole Body Learning - This site is being developed using the latest technologies in "whole brain/whole body" education. These practices include reading, writing, recitation, sharing, singing, drawing, coloring, movement and meditation. Additionally, emerging multimedia technologies will play an important part in presenting the content of this site.

Universal Truth - This site is being developed in accordance with "Principles of Universal Truth" that arise in all cultures in the form of Religion, Philosophy and Science. It is our intention to create a high level of "surface structure compatibility" between this site and all of the major world religions.

Organic Growth - Users of this site are encouraged to submit questions. However, as a general policy, we will very rarely provide personal responses to “metaphysical” questions. Instead, all inquiries received that might be of universal interest will be responded to in a “Frequently Asked Questions” section attached to each element of the materials on the site. These responses will eventually be integrated into those materials. This will allow for the site to grow organically based on user involvement.

Lessons of Life - A series of on-line interactive lessons will be offered on a wide variety of spiritual topics. Typical subjects are: The Coach to Everywhere, Exploring the Creative Process, "The Kingdoms of Consciousness," "Foundations of Faith," and "The End of Evil." (Click to check out a lesson)


Tools for Change - A wide variety of tools will be provided to facilitate spiritual and psychological healing, as well as greater self-expression. These practices will include such things as prayer, meditation, journaling, setting goals and keeping "good company." A number of guided meditations and worksheets for self-analysis will also be provided.

Chants for Change - Everyone has had the experience of having a song get "stuck in their mind." Why not let a song with lyrics of Spiritual Truth get stuck in your mind? A wide variety of beautiful "transformational chanting hymns" will be provided. These chants will be performed by Rev. Suz Ogden in a sing-a-long style that facilitates personal participation.
GodSong Project - The GodSong is an eight minute audio tape of a transformational chanting hymn with the lyrics "God's the Love that I Am." This tape is being given as a gift to humanity. A free copy will be given to any individual who requests one.
Posture Prayers - Instruction will be given in a unique form of prayer that involves "movement." These "Posture Prayers" are extremely powerful tools to bring Heaven (Spirit) to Earth (into the flesh).
Christ Circles - A Christ Circle is a small weekly gathering that takes place in people's homes. It's purpose is to invoke the Presence of the "Divinity Within Us," which is Christ. Activities include chanting, prayer, meditation, recitation and sharing. Instructions for forming and facilitating a Christ Circle will be provided.
Class Materials - Course curriculum for those interested in teaching spiritual classes will be provided. These materials will include an Instructor's Manual and a Student Workbook for each subject offered. Presently, "The Principles of Financial Freedom" is available. A number of other courses are in development.
Vocational Ministry - This site will provide guidance on developing a "right livelihood" that can serve as a "Vocational Ministry." Any profession or occupation can serve as a ministry when it is conducted in alignment with spiritual principles and provides gracious service to others.
Prayer Counseling - A number of highly trained individuals will be accessible through this site for the purpose of providing personal spiritual instruction and prayer counseling.
Co-Creation Process - A number of unique tools and processes for group healing and “consensus building” will be provided. These techniques constitute the practical application of spiritual principles integrated into the teachings of modern group dynamic theorists.

Sacred Days Retreats - A number of intensive spiritual retreats will be offered for small groups of Ministers, Practitioners and other advanced Students of Truth. Currently open for enrollment are:
Sacred Days of Spiritual Living - Revealing the spiritual Purpose of Your Life
Sacred Days of Financial Freedom - Duplicating Spirit in Your Financial Affairs

Sacred Days of Bible Mystery - Revealing the Light of Christ in Your Life
Sacred Days of Co-Creation - Revealing Newness Through Group Healing
Sacred Days of Resurrection - Revealing the Presence of Christ in Your Life
Alton Collins Tour - A pictorial tour of the Sacred Days retreat facility.

Sacred Journeys - An ongoing series of guided tours will be offered to a number of "sacred places" on the planet. Each of these journeys will feature a program of "spiritual practice" especially designed to facilitate a meaningful spiritual experience. Additionally, participants will also be free to enjoy the usual delights of sightseeing and shopping in exotic places.

Testimonials - This site will provide a place for users to post testimonials of healings and accomplishments. There is nothing that provides greater hope and encouragement than to know that someone else was able to overcome a challenge similar to your own.
Book Store - Opportunities will be provided for the on-line purchase of books, tapes, CD's and videos that support the materials, programs and services offered on this site.

Contributions - It is our intention to provide as much as we possibly can on-line for free. Products that require shipping will be charged for. Consequently, this site will be funded primarily by contributions. A variety of ways to contribute will be developed. If you are already moved to participate financially in this site, tax deductible gifts can be mailed to:
Sacred Days • 10824 SE Oak St. #327 • Portland, OR 97222

Message From Rev. Lloyd
Feb. '06

Hello Spirit Fans - After several years of 'chipping away at the uncarved stone' that is this web site, I am still feeling a bit in awe of the enormity of its possibilities. At the same time, I feel a little disappointed that I have not been able to do more. Most importantly, however, I am extremely grateful for all that I have been able to accomplish so far, and for the joy that working on this project continues to bring to me.

One of the challenges that I have faced in the ongoing development of this site is trying to figure out the most effective way to publish the enormous body of work that I have created over the years. Consequently, one of my next big projects will be the assembly of a 'NovaTech Library.' Once I get all of my materials pulled together, organized and converted into Acrobat format (pdf), it will become a rather straight forward matter to simply post it here for downloading.

In the midst of all of this, I am currently engaged in researching and developing a more straightforward approach to the matter of bodily healing through spiritual means. I refer to this process as the 'Science of Spiritual Healing.' I am not really sure how this will unfold, but I do know that the key ingredient is Love


Message From Rev. Marcia
Feb. '06

Rev. Lloyd and I have been collaborating since 1990 and this site is the result of all our work together. Over the years, St. Paul's revelation, "Christ in us the hope of glory," has inspired me to explore, in the deepest possible ways, what it means to live in the awareness that this individualized Presence of God is active in each of our lives. When we embark upon the spiritual journey, we are called to establish a relationship with this inner Presence. Only then do we begin to receive the many 'fruits' of God which have been promised to us in the Holy Scriptures.

This web site is devoted to providing you with numerous opportunities, practices and tools that will enhance your relationship with your own true self, the Christ in you. I'm grateful for all that we share together on this journey. Finally, I lovingly 'stand witness' for you and pray that you are blessed and prospered within the One Life of God in which we live, breath, move and have our being.

Who We Are

Rev. Lloyd Strom -
NovaTech Ministries - Site Development and Operations

In 1995, Rev. Lloyd took an early retirement from a successful thirty year career in public works engineering and administration to pursue his lifelong interest and study of the universal teachings of Truth that arise in all cultures in the form of science, philosophy and religion. He correlates his engineering and ministerial careers in the following way: "Engineering is the art of applying natural laws to human problems in order to make the world a better place to be. As a minister, I simply apply 'supernatural laws' to human problems in order to make the world a better place to be."

Rev. Marcia Sutton
Christ Church of Co-Creation
- Public Contact and Support Services

In the mid 1990's, Rev. Marcia left a growing and vibrant pulpit ministry in Northern California to pursue a 'new form of ministry' that would serve the revelation of Christ in humanity. Her previous career success in higher education and then in business provided the foundational skills that would lead her to consulting and working with ministers and church leadership teams. She has facilitated thousands of people in the advanced application of the Principles of Universal Truth through retreats, classes and public appearances. She has also served as a Spiritual Mentor to many of the leading ministers in the New Thought movement. In addition, she has traveled to more than 45 countries and leads tours to sacred sites around the world. She ministers and teaches from the 'Sacred Days Sanctuary' in Portland, OR.

Rev. Suz Ogden
AngelTonk Musical Ministry - Musical Support

(Bio to be posted - soon)

Support Team

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